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Today's Challenges

Updated: May 16, 2022

Last year was full of twists and turns, still unwinding though 2020 is hindsight. As COVID-19 began to spread across our nation, it has followed us into 2021, challenging us all.

Our usual contribution centers have been eliminated or severely curbed. Donations from private citizens spontaneously have faded or disappeared. Except for the rare grant, Habitat for Humanity Pickens County is solely supported by the generosity of donors within
To continue our mission, it is necessary to continue to raise donations, so that we can build safe, decent, affordable homes for those in need. We are asking you to investigate your heart and your wallet and think of Habitat when you donate to non profits.

As our chapter launched branding of our twentieth home build in 2020, Habitat International placed strict pandemic restrictions on all operations, halting construction, closing all ReStores and limiting office operations. Everyone except essential personnel sheltered in place, closing businesses and shuttering churches, restaurants, schools and non-profit organizations. As restrictions eased, we re-opened our office with masks and distancing, and began building on a limited basis again.

Many people are still without work, childcare, and spend time at home supervising classes for students on distance learning. The support systems upon which we have grown reliant are not available as we persevere through this pandemic.

The fallout is that our usual contribution and donation systems have been all but eliminated, and revenue in support of Habitat’s mission is significantly reduced. Donations from private citizens have faded.

There is no gift too small.

We ask you to search your heart and look into your wallet, to consider donating to help us build safe, decent, and affordable homes. Habitat for Humanity Pickens County, Georgia is solely supported by increasingly rare grants, and the generosity of donors like you.

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